Best Electric Shaver 2022 Reviews By Experts

Are you tired of using a manual razor? As it demands to be rolled up again and again over the same area and causes irritation along with nicks and cuts on your skin. So now you can easily get rid of this by switching to the best electric shaver 2022.

Best Electric Shaver 2021

It uses an electric razor that doesn’t demand to be rolled up many times over the same area but a single round is enough to cut the hairs. As it has the ability to shave the hairs away with a good speed so good for those who prefer comfort while shaving and don’t want any type of irritation.

Best Budget

Panasonic Arc 5

Panasonic Arc 5

Best Overall


Philips Norelco

Editor’s Pick

Braun Series

Series 9 9290cc

For men, shaving is like a basic tool and the need for every event. So why not an advanced mode use that is equipped with nano particles to work according to the skin contours. While the manual razor use means to give a cut, irritation, and nicks gift that causes pain and makes your beautiful moments distasteful. We can name the manual razor use as a traditional way of shaving that is full of risk.

Now, what are you waiting for, certainly for an electric shaver but which one to choose when we have a large number of products available in the market. But you don’t need to worry about it because we will help you with your selection of the best one. We have conducted a list of the best electric shaver after a deep concentration. So here are the top 10 products for you that are exactly according to your expectations with regard to their results and features.

SR. # Electric ShaverOur ScorePrice
1Norelco4.8Check Price
2 Series 7 790CC4.9Check Price
3 Panasonic Arc 54.7Check Price
4 Series 9 9290cc4.6Check Price
5Panasonic Arc44.6Check Price
6Remington F5-58004.5Check Price
7Philips Norelco4.5Check Price
8Norelco AT8304.4Check Price
9 Panasonic Arc 34.3Check Price
10Braun MobileShave M904.2Check Price

1. Philips Norelco Shaver 9000 Prestige SP9820/87

It happens that a product that is good for one will prove to be bad for the other person especially if we are talking about skin-related products. The same is the case with the electric shavers due to their razor quality and pressure it happens to show different results and with the heating of the product. For example, a man has very sensitive skin and he uses electric shaver but due to its razor quality and speed, it produces heat while its use that can affect the skin badly so it is very important to bring a safe product for your skin.

The Philips products are very famous for their good quality and for their amazing results. Its most effective feature is that it can work at wet as well as at the dry skin. If we talk about its most advanced features then its contouring feature is the most famous one.


The contouring and precise blades make shaving so comfortable that you can easily use it anywhere to get a perfect look without any cut, irritation, nicks, and sensitivity. As its blades have nanoparticles. These particles and contouring adapt their working according to your face so a smooth shave with a smooth look occurs.

In addition to this, it also has a trimmer option and a hair density sensor. So if you want to trim, you can choose it and the sensor check the thickness and density of your hairs and work accordingly. It has the ability to check the density 15 times per minute.

So it has dual functioning with gel or without gel. It is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. You can use it for 60 minutes after a full charge. It also has a LED display to show the numeric information related to the battery and time.


  • 8 directions contouring
  • It has a hair density sensor
  • A LED display to show numeric information
  • It has a trimmer attachment


  • It is expensive for some people


The Philips Norelco Shaver 9000 Prestige SP9820/87 is effective for all types of skin with an auto adapt sensor. It can be used in wet as well as in wet conditions with gel or without gel or cream. Its most important feature is its contouring option that smoothly works with the 8 direction contouring heads. Additionally, it also has the option of trimming.

2. Braun Series 7 790CC Electric Shaver

Another all times best product in our list is the Braun Series 7 790CC Electric Shaver. The Braun brand is another reliable brand regarding all its products. This product has a very important place in our list. It’s not because of the brand but because of the user’s experience and its multi-functionality.

The first thing to consider is its intelligent sonic technology that aloe it to work quickly with a rechargeable battery. It has the traits for the dense hairs cutting to give a perfect look. It can shave over the areas that cannot be cleared by the traditional razors.


The Braun 7790CC shaver has 3 types of trimmers.

  • One called ‘’optifoil’’
  • Other two ‘’active lift’’

The ‘’optifoil’’ cut the hairs that are on the problematic or difficult areas without leaving any cuts and marks while the other that is active lift it is for the short or ingrown hairs. It can cut shirt hairs as 0.05mm.

Furthermore, it has alcohol-based facets that are here to kill the germs at optimum sanitization care. It is good for all types of skins as its 3 customized modes that are following:

  • Intensive
  • Normal
  • Extra sensitive

These modes make an all-time suitable option. It also has a security assurance as it is 100% waterproof so you need to worry about the water.

You can easily cut mustaches, beard, and sideburns with the help of its seven razors and the face contouring set that adapt the device according to the face. It is very good to get escalating results in every stroke as its 10,000 micro-vibrations productions in one minute is more than enough to get the job done.


  • 100% waterproof
  • It has 3 trimmers
  • It has alcohol-based cleaning
  • 3 modes according to the skin type


  • It does not offer dry and wet cleaning facet


The Braun Series 7 790CC Electric Shaver with its cleaning docs is an excellent product that is all time suitable with its 3 modes with a cleaning doc that is alcohol-based.

3. Panasonic Arc 5 Shaver

Here is another possibility with a very beautiful and rich look. The Panasonic Arc 5 Shaver is a Japanese made product with no sacrifice to its facets.

The Panasonic device has multiple flex heads that allow its working not restricted to the beard but on the sideburns, jaws, chin, neck, and on all the contours without leaving nicks. As its heads are equipped with the sensor monitor so you don’t need to change your device working speed. As it detects the hairs either these are of the beard or of the neck and sideburns. So it will automatically change its working by this sensor mode and give you an all in one choice.

Its blades and foils are equipped with the Nanotechnology for the thick, thin to ultra-thick and ultra-thin hairs.

Panasonic Arc 5

Along with this, it has a 2 in one option as its working on the wet as well as on the dry skin with or without the use of cream and gel. It is also portable so you can keep this device with you and use it. So it will help you to don’t miss any event with a perfect look. However, we also have the reviews and collection of Best Electric Toothbrush 2022. You can check it on our site. It will be helpful for you to select the best one.

Moreover, it is equipped with a high-performance motor that allows 14000 rotations per minute. It has a rechargeable battery that gives a peak power results at full charging also an LCD display. It is on the handle to give you a full display of the remaining battery and also show a full battery charge along with the levels.



  • It has multi-flex spinning heads
  • An LCD battery indicator
  • It has a sensor monitor for the density measure
  • Linear motor with 14000 cuts per minute


  • It speedy motor working can make it’s interior a little bit hot


The Panasonic Arc 5 Shaver a Japanese model that is equipped with a number of such features that are worth mentioning and force us to keep it in our list with a brief description so that you can choose a better option in its form.

4. Braun Series 9 9290cc

The Braun Series 9 9290cc is another very beautiful model by Braun for a lawless shave. Everyone prefers a product that assures them good results and a good price with the safety measures. As far as this product is concerned with regard to the quality results and the safety measures than the Braun brand is famous for its good customer service with regard to their products and customers’ safety concerns.

It is equipped with the foils and blades that are efficient for the gentle, close, and a lawless shave. For better results, it is designed in such a way that the oscillation, rotation, and vibration occur at the same time.

Braun Series

It has a sonic vibration glide for the smooth shave and that with or without the use of gel so we can conclude its working at the dry and wet both types of skin. Its battery time is more than the other device that is 20% more in power so fast charging and long working.

In contrast to the other models, it has an engineered design that has 5 shaving elements on its head. These have the power of moving into 10 direction with a micro-vibration ability. Along with this, it has a handle LCD display for monitoring.

It’s SynchroSonic technology mechanism a better working whether it is charge station or the cleaning docs and Nanoparticles working along with waterproof coating and foils modes.


  • It has a sonic vibration glide that oscillates, rotates, and vibrates
  • 5 shaving elements
  • It has a travel case
  • It has a waterproof coating


  • It has no option to control the speed


The Braun Series 9 9290cc is equipped with the SynchroSonic technology with a safety coating that is waterproof and in its accessories, a travel case is included that makes it a portable device to keep it with you. Moreover, If you are looking for Best Robot Vacuum 2022 then, we have best collection of it. You will love to read the reviews of it.

5. Panasonic Arc4 ES-8243-A

Here is another Panasonic model with an ultra-sharp mode and a sharp design. There are some prominent features in its design that are visible from the naked eyes unlike its Nanoparticles and micro vibrating modes. So prominent LCD display, its flexible head, a cleaning reminder, and shaver time display.

This Panasonic model that is named asPanasonic Arc4 ES-8243-A is equipped with 4 precision honed. These are here for the fast, smooth, clear, and one round trimming and shaving of the mustaches beard and sideburns. Here is an arced foil that has good vibration and oscillation ability. Along with this is the blade for the wet and dry working.

Its flexible head is suitable for all types of faces and it has a natural adaptation and contouring. Means its ability to bend according to the face means no cuts no nicks for the face. It has a linear motor that is here to maintain peak power.

Panasonic Arc4

Its LCD is not only for the battery time display but it signals the cleaning time for its appropriate working that it’s the time to clean it. It also reminds you that you should replace the parts like the blade of the shaver or the foil. So if we forget to change the blade or foil then it will signal us.

Additionally, it provides optional accessories to make it portable and some extra blades and foils. The quality of the blades id also very good to avoid any allergic element. Its blades are made up of stainless steel to avoid corrosion or any other harm to it.


  • It has blue illuminated LCD reminder
  • It allows 13000 cuts per minute
  • Four precision-honed
  • It has stainless steel blades


  • You have to roll it many times over the long hairs


The Panasonic Arc4 ES-8243-A is a very good modelwith a perfect maintenance feature in the form of its blue illuminated LCD that is a perfect reminder either it’s time to change some elements of a battery display.

6. Remington F5-5800

Here is another product with an ability to cut the longer hairs easily. The Remington F5-5800 is an affordable product with an intercept shaving technology. It has a flexible head. Its flexibility is prominent from its design. Its feature-rich handle is bending in such a way that makes its foils and blades easily reachable to the 0.03 mm short hairs and also attached to the skin to cut the long hairs too.

Its foils work speedily with the help of a linear motor and a battery that is so good to remain for 60 minutes if you have charged it fully. You just have to plug it in for two hours and then enjoy the fast working with a pre trimmer and a flex and pivot foil system.

The flex and pivot foil system please you by a smooth, lawless, and a handsome look by working effectively even on the ingrown hairs.

Along with this, it is too easy to clean and due to its waterproof coating, it is also washable.

Remington F5


  • It is a quite affordable product
  • Equipped with an intercept shaving technology
  • It can easily cut the long hairs
  • It is washable under the faucets


  • It takes two hours to get fully charged


It is a good option for those who have quickly grown hairs as it has an intercept having technology and a pre trimmer to cut the long hairs as well as ingrown hairs with equal proficiency.

7. Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D

When we have a Philips product it means that we don’t need to mention the features quality and the latest technology merge. As all the Philips products are with recent time considerations. It is a master in all fields either we talk about its design or we talk about its functionality. It has an attractive design 3D counters.

Its 3D counter work in three ways to prove it a good choice. It has flexible pivot heads that are:

  • Flexible outward
  • Spindle around
  • And tilt inward
Philips Norelco

So that a 100% smooth and handsome look attainment. This 3D counter that has 3 foils makes it adaptable for the face and reachable to short hairs. For the smooth, lawless, and close shave it has a three-track shaving option.

It also has an aqua Tec technology that means it has an inbuilt system for the super lift and cut. Its active lift system allows a close fit shave with an ultra-clean mode. It also has a sensor that is for the adaptation according to the hair density. Its density sensor is also different from the sensor of the other products as it also has the 3D ability to detect the thickness and the thinness of the hairs.

It has the trimming option too. All its features ensure good results and best for the shaving due to its ability to adhere to the skin. But it will not suits to those who want a stainless steel coating.


  • It has a “GyroFlex 3D” counter
  • 3 flex, pivot, and tilt foils 
  • It has three shaving tracks
  • It is equipped with an aqua tech technology


  • It works only with its own battery any harm to it means there is no replacement option.


The Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D is rich in features with the 3D counter that allows three shaving tracks and an aqua Tec technology with an inbuilt dry and wet shaving feature.

8. Norelco AT830

Another most famous Philips product for 2022 is Norelco AT830 that has dual precision features. We can imagine the technology use with its power touch functioning that protects the skin and it is 2 in one with dual precision functioning.

It is designed with skin consideration so this product has a precise working for all types of skin as it has equal working for the normal to sensitive skin. If you in search of a product with a comfort zone shaving then you will be proud to choose this product after its use.

So for a fresh look, this is good a flexible and rotating head to flow at every corner of the face. It has a bent in its shape that is good to remove and to even trim the long hairs. As it has a special trimmer known as Pop up trimmer to trim mustaches, beard hair, goatee, and the sideburns.

Norelco AT830

Along with this, it has a battery that more than enough for the 50 minutes shaving. Its good working is due to its soft univalent element of alkali metal group that is the lightest metal and also makes this product to be light and portable. So its power backup and lightweight battery allow you to have 10 shaves in one charge.


  • It has a dual precision shaving system
  • Effective for both longer and the shorter hairs
  • It has a Pop-up trimmer for the precise trimming
  • It is sensitive skin-friendly


  • It has a pivot head its pivoting is very slow


The Norelco AT830 is another Philips product that is with a low price and remarkable facets combination. As it has a dual shaving system, a Pop trimmer, sensitive skin consideration, and a lightweight lithium battery that is enough for 10 shaves with a single charge.

9. Panasonic Arc 3

Another Panasonic model with a name as Panasonic Arc 3 is worthy enough to gain a place in our top 10 products list due to functionality and all those features that a man keeps in mind while thinking about an electric shaver.

In all the products the most prominent features that are the top in our list are its speed, battery, blade quality, its foils, it’s covering, and the additional features with the technological merge and its effect on our skin.  We also keep these features in mind and find another Panasonic model to be worthy to suggest to our customers.

This product is equipped with a sharp working blade. Allowing wet and dry shaving and trimmer to work along with rotating and oscillating head. It means to work over the face as it has the contour adjustment and self-adaptation.

Panasonic Arc 3

Its motor has 13000 cuttings per minute it has a linear battery that is very light in weight. It has a sonic cleaning that comes in contact with the skin and gives a close shave.

Along with this it also has an LCD indicator that provides perfect monitoring.


  • It has a very lightweight
  • A lightweight linear battery
  • It has an LED panel
  • It has 3 hypoallergenic nanotech heads


  • While cutting thick hairs its motor produces noise


The Panasonic Arc 3 has all those features that attract us to mention this product on our list at a relatively low price. 

10. Braun MobileShave M90

The Braun MobileShave M90 is a very beautiful design with a protective cover over the foils and blade to keep protected from any allergens that can cause irritation on the skin.

It has an electric razor that can rotate and vibrate. It also has an easy cleaning option. And with a waterproof coating, it is also washable.

If we talk about its exterior features then it has a design that is different from other electric shavers. It has a twist cap that has an auto-lock system. It has an option to extend the trimmer just by the side push. So it makes it possible to trim the long hairs with an option to use for the face and neck.

Braun MobileShave

It has an auto operating system that works in such a way that you just have a twisted cap and the system starts to work. It’s another worth mentioning option is that its features are replaceable so any damage to any of the parts does not mean that the product is now useless but you can make the product working by replacing that damaged feature.

It has a battery that is also replaceable and has the ability to be used for 60 minutes with a single charge.


  • It has a twist cap
  • Its protection is by the auto-lock system
  • Equipped with AA batteries
  • It has a replaceable battery


  • It does not offer a sensor to detect the hairs density


The Braun MobileShave M90 has a very good choice with an auto-lock system and a twist cap that protect it while out of use and the AA battery placement. It is very lightweight and its waterproof ability makes it a good option with an extendable trimmer.

Final verdict:

An electric shaver is a good option as compared to the traditional manual razors that have a high risk of cuts and nicks and a tendency to spoil pleasant events. An electric razor means good results assurance and a speedy, safe, comfortable, lawless, and a close shave. All of these are best products but when the matter of selecting a top one then the Philips Norelco Shaver 9000 Prestige SP9820/87 is the best electric shaver 2022. With all the worth mentioning features. It is suitable for all type skin and LCD display to give you perfect monitoring.

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